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Jewellery is an object of permanence, something that transcends the boundaries of age and time and that can be passed on from one generation to another. Antegra addresses the need to communicate directly with their clientele and to disrupt the old impersonal system. It is built to offer jewelry that is not just a family heirloom that may gather dust in bank vaults for the most part of its life but a beautiful object of adornment that echoes the sentiments and emotions of the wearer. The meaning of true luxury is not about how much we own, it's about how well we live. 

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Antegra' design portfolio ranges from the simpler timeless designs to layered one-of-a-kind masterpieces, created in partnership with skilled artisans, helping revive the techniques which are fast getting extinct as popular design preferences take precedence. Always making sure the slight imperfections and quirks that truly make a piece unique are not just preserved but celebrated, ensure luxury and quality with a hawk-eyed attention to detail. As the world follows current trends, Antegra is all about going back to one’s roots. To preserve history. To make jewelry, as Patek Philippe says- 'to pass on through generations'.

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"Antegra to me is family. It's an amalgamation of my father & mother's name, Antony & Grace, two people who taught me ethics, morals and principles which Antegra will also imbibe" Genesis of Antegra was one out of passion, precision & tradition. Hailing from the Chettupuzha Family with over 80 years of history in jewellery, Paul knew the deep rooted tradition of jewellery is more than a store of value. "We make jewellery that compliments personality"

 Paul Antony

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Always Cadmium Free 

(Cuz safety over everything)

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925 Sterling Silver

(Tested and Stamped, yep!)

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Uniquely Handcrafted

(Crafted in 925 Silver)

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